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Clarkson Family History Collection

Clarkson University - Harriet Call Burnap Memorial Library

Dates of Original: 1780-2006

The Clarkson family of Potsdam, New York were major figures and in that town’s history, living there between 1821, when John C. Clarkson settled there and constructed the family’s future residence of Holcroft homestead, and 1946 with the passing away of Mrs. Emelie Moore. Other prominent family members include Thomas Clarkson, founder of Clarkson University, and General Matthew Clarkson who served as an officer in the American Revolution.

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Rensselaer County Historical Society Edgar Holloway Collection of Watercolors and Prints

Rensselaer County Historical Society

Dates of Original: c. 1972 - 1975

The Reverend Thomas Phelan brought Holloway to the US from England for three summers of painting that resulted in over 70 watercolors and a number of etchings of buildings and sites at a time when many were threatened by demolition during Urban Renewal of the early 1970’s. Holloway’s work helped to raise awareness of what might be lost. It also invigorated the artist’s career in England. The whole collection of Holloway’s art was acquired by an anonymous donor from Rev. Phelan’s estate and donated to the historical society in 2006.

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Maris B. Pierce papers

Buffalo History Museum

Dates of Original: 1787-1884 (bulk 1833-1874)

Maris B. Pierce was born at “Old Town” on the Allegany Reservation in 1811, the son of John Pierce. During his youth, he attended a Quaker school on the reservation. Later he was sent to the Fredonia Academy by his father, and then attended 2 years at the Academy in Homer, New York.

After his early education, Pierce went to Thetford, Vermont, to study and prepare for college. In 1836, at the age of 25, he entered Dartmouth College, becoming a part of the first generation of college educated Haudenosaunee. The year before graduating, Pierce was appointed as one of the four Seneca... Read more

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Huntington Political Cartoons

Huntington Public Library

Dates of Original: 1898

Political cartoons have been a staple of American history as long as there’s been political dissent -- a very long time. Political cartoonists gained currency during the Civil War, when artist Thomas Nast created some of the most instantly recognizable images in U.S. politics, including Uncle Sam, the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey. Like most politicians, Teddy Roosevelt drew his fair share of criticism when it came to political cartoons for his glorification of military strength and his patriotic fervor.

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